Message from new Board President Steve Novak

01 steve novak.jpgI’d like to take a minute to introduce myself.  I’m Steve Novak, the new president of the Chicago/Midwest Chapter of NATAS.  I have been in the television industry for over 30 years and have seen a lot of changes take place.  From film to tape to digital we are finding better and more efficient ways to preserve our media.  The cameras are smaller, lighter and better.  We can go live from almost anywhere and bring back stunning images that otherwise would not be seen.  Social media is exploding and providing a forum for those who would otherwise be unheard. All of this comes with a tremendous responsibility.  Let’s use this technology wisely and give our viewer, on whatever platform that are watching, something to see.  We can’t and shouldn’t pander to the lowest common denominator, but rise above and take the high road in telling our stories.  The National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences is dedicated to excellence in television and we must continue to hold ourselves to this standard.


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