Outgoing Board President Message

August, 2020
Dear NATAS Chicago/Midwest Members.
I joined the Chicago/Midwest Chapter of the National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences in 1979. At that time, as it is today the goal was excellence in television.Over the years I have been both an passive and active participant in the organization, watching the changes that our industry has dealt with to get to where we are today.For the past 25 years, I have been involved in leadership positions within NATAS from being on the Board of Governors for the Chicago/Midwest chapter, chairing several committees, becoming a part of the Executive Board as 1st Vice President and for the past 4 and half years proudly serving as the President of our chapter.

Over the years, we have seen so many changes to our industry, from black and white to color, from rabbit ear antennas and having to tune in UHF stations to a virtually unlimited number of choices on cable and streaming services. It appears that the future is unlimited.

With people saying our industry is in trouble, I can confidently say that is not the case. While the delivery methods have changed, the need for quality television has never been greater.

Organizations like NATAS are an integral part of the growth of our industry. Your commitment to excellence in television is more important now than ever, especially during these trying times. People look to television for both news and an escape from the news of the day and we need to provide them with both.

I feel that I am leaving our chapter better off than I found it. Our scholarship initiative is unparalleled among all the local chapters and it is providing opportunities for the deserving next generation of television professionals. I hope you will continue to support the NATAS Foundation. I urge you to become an active member of our organization, from EMMY judging to attending seminars and providing mentorship opportunities for people starting in our business. I bet you remember the person or people who helped you when you were coming up in the business. I know I do. Why not be the person that someone else will remember.

I know I am leaving our organization in excellent hands with John Owens, a veteran broadcast professional to succeed me as President, starting in September. I look forward to seeing where our organization will go in the future.

I am not leaving the NATAS but will become a Governor Emeritus and will continue with my 4th term as a Trustee from Chicago/Midwest to the National board of NATAS.

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to serve you as President.


Steven Novak

Outgoing President
NATAS Chicago/Midwest Chapter