How to Diversify Your Brand

Joshua Conner is an aspiring media mogul and philanthropist on a mission to Joshua Conner Headshotlearn, innovate, volunteer, and engage. In 2014, he was a Northwestern University-Medill School of Journalism Social Justice News Nexus Chicago Reporting Fellow. He has reported for Chicago Tribune-The Mash, Columbia Links,

If you can diversify your assets, why not diversify your brand? Diversifying your professional brand can take the careers of television professionals to the next level.

I spoke with Ted Brunson for some tips on how TV professionals can diversify their brand, and he should know. Brunson is an Emmy Award-winning television program host and producer, a voice-over artist, and advocate for Autism Speaks. He also hosts “Brunson’s Best” on YouTube.

Brunson says the benefit of being a television professional is that it gives you a platform. There’s several ways you can give the passions and causes you care about the center stage.

Authenticity is important, which means being true to yourself, Brunson says. Understanding your platform helps you to deliver it more genuinely instead of in a  premeditated way.

Brunson has more than 5,000 likes on Facebook and more than 3,000 followers on Twitter, but he doesn’t take them for granted. He advises TV professionals to “really appreciate those who support you,” which includes your family, friTed Brunson Courtesy of Ted Brunson Tribune Broadcastingends and fans.

Consistency is also key. The biggest compliment Brunson receives is that he is the same guy on camera as he is in person.

Maintain your relationships. Even if they don’t go well, don’t burn bridges,” Brunson says, noting that everyone knows everyone in the business. One of the important aspects about networking are having a good first as well as last impression and maintaining a consistent line of communication.

Brunson also advises against limiting yourself.

“Always be open to suggestions, and be humble,” says Brunson, who has diversified his brand by going from a traditional broadcast station to the web.

Brunson says that branding is all about social media and people sharing interests, information and talent.  As long as you pay it forward, you will get it back tenfold.


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