Emmys 2013: Category 14 Winner Sarah Moshman

Credit: Kathleen Virginia Photography

November 3rd, 2013 was a magical evening. To fully explain how special it was to win an Emmy that night I must start the story from the beginning.

For as long as I could form memories there have been Emmys all around my house. My Dad, Harvey Moshman won his first when I was 1 year old and over the course of his career in making quality television has won 26 of those beautiful golden statues. So when I say Emmys were everywhere – I mean in my living room, dining room, broken on the Christmas tree and one in my room so I could hold it in front of the mirror and practice my future acceptance speech. The Emmy has always been the symbol of excellence in my house and in my world. And although my humble father has never made it seem like an award was the mark of a good producer, I knew receiving that honor someday would somehow validate me and my career and put me in the same league as someone as talented and focused as him.

Credit: Onasis Odelmo Photography

That’s why on November 3rd, when our project was called as the winner of the Human Interest Category it was not only meaningful to the Girls on the Run organization, my family and friends, and to my amazing producing partner Dana Michelle Cook, it was a culmination of a dream I have had for myself for as long as I can remember. I will take this honor with me for the rest of my life and now I am seeing my old friend Emmy in a whole new way. I know now more than ever I am doing what I am meant to do I am so grateful to everyone involved in making this dream a reality.


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