Emmy Entry Resources – FAQs and More

  1. See 2018 Chicago/Midwest Emmy Master List
  2. See a set of videos with FAQs on the uploading process which were produced by the Heartland Chapter in Denver.  The upload video is a step-by-step demonstration of the video uploading process. Heartland also produced many more videos on the entry process in 2012.  Some pertain to the Chicago/Midwest chapter rules, some do not. However, overall, they are helpful for basic information.
  3. See the 2017 Master List to help you determine your category.
  4. Deciding What to Enter Document – What type of work should you enter? What does it mean to be “Emmy® worthy”?
  5. Prep to Enter Document – What information do you need to gather before you enter?
  6. 2018 Call for Entries — A Must Read – Contains rules and full category list. This document will help you determine what category you should enter and if you are eligible to enter.
  7. Step by Step Instructions for entering your paperwork online through Emmy® Express.
  8. Help for the “Add Entrant” Page in Emmy Express
  9. Video Upload information Page and FAQs
  10. FAQs for Online Entry Process
  11. 2018 College Call for Entries – A Must Read – Contains rules and full category list.

  12. 2018 College Awards – Faculty Verification Form

Do you need more time to upload?  Let us know. We want to make sure everyone has the chance to upload and enter.

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