Why Enter the Chicago/Midwest Emmy Awards?

“I remember winning my first Emmy, back in 1998, for Individual Excellence in Art Direction and Design for an open I designed at ABC 7. I was thrilled to win as it was my first Emmy. It’s a great honor to be recognized by your peers.” — Abel Sanchez, CBS 2 Chicago, Emmy Winner




Jim Kirwan, WYCC

“Receiving an Emmy nomination or award is a great way to unify your staff and motivate them to continue producing great work for the station. Besides pay raises, I can think of no better way to raise employee morale and spirit.” — Arthur Wood, Former Station Manager, WYCC
Marcus Riley

An Emmy is a universally-known symbol of excellence. Being able to add that to my list of accomplishments only adds to my credibility as a New Media journalist and helped open doors for me in the industry.” — Marcus Riley, WTMJ, Emmy winner




“It’s the Super Bowl of journalism. It was the point when I knew I made it.” — Kristoffer Engebretson, WGBA/Green Bay Investigative Reporter, Emmy Winner




“After garnering 11 Emmy Nominations in the past 10 years, it was an amazing experience to win an Emmy for Individual Excellence On Camera. I felt enormously encouraged by the vote of confidence from my peers.” —

Sunmee Choi, TLN Host/Producer, Emmy Winner


“I was always dismissive of Emmys until I won my first, an award for investigative reporting. I’d never been more proud and found myself having to reevaluate the whole Emmy experience.” — Steve Sanders, WGN Anchor, Emmy Winner 

“I was in the news business 15 years before I won my first Emmy. Another 13 years went by before I earned another. But when it happened in Chicago, I felt like I’d finally hit the big time!” — Pam Grimes, WGN Producer, Emmy Winner