Frequently Asked Emmy Entry Questions

FYI:  A lot of issues come up because of caching on the page. Be careful of old pre-filled information on the login page especially. Some browsers can be buggy, and often put the wrong data in the wrong fields. When that happens, please perform an extra step to delete the wrong data in order to put in the correct data. This happens especially after you click “I Am Not a Robot” and after you go through the vetting process. You are often led back to the original login page. You may need to perform the extra step of re-typing in the the correct data instead of using what repopulates in the fields. You can also clear out all the “emmyexpress” data in the cache of your browser to help with these issues.  How to do this can be found on many “how to” web pages.

1) Q:  I’m a first-time entrant and I’m confused about what category to pick for my entry. Can you help?
A:  Yes, we’re happy to help as much as we can.  E-mail: or call 312-369-8600.

2) Q: I know others at my station are members, can stations be members or only individuals?
A: Stations or companies cannot be members. Only individuals can be members of the Academy. If you are unsure of your membership, please check e-mailing:

3) Q: I think I became a member last year with my entry, do all entrants become members?
A: If you paid your membership dues this year, you are a member. All members expire on March 31st of each year. By being one of several names on an entry or if the entry wins an Emmy®, you do not become a member automatically.

4) Q: Am I able to enter the same news report or program in two categories in categories 1 to 20?
A: No. You must decide which category is best suited for the entry and enter in that category.

5) Q: My piece has aired in your region for the first time during the eligibility period, but it aired elsewhere previously. Can I enter it now in your region?
A: No. Entries must have been produced for the Chapter’s designated awards area and must have had their first transmission in that awards area during the eligibility period, meaning that the first time it ever aired had to have been in our region, and during this year’s eligibility period.

6) Q: My production could be entered in Magazine Program as well as Entertainment Program – are we allowed to enter that program into both categories?
A: No. A program can only be entered in one programming category – it’s up to you to decide which.

7) Q: Can a report/program be entered in the first 20 categories and also in craft categories (Cat. 21 to 28)
A: See details in the 2019 Call for Entries PDF on “Double-Dipping” on p. 4.

8) Q: What if my entry doesn’t seem to fit into one of the categories listed?
A: Talk shows, for example, could be considered a discussion/interview program or a public affairs program. If you can’t figure it out, e-mail

9) Q: For my news/program entry, are my editor and videographer eligible for an Emmy®?
A: Generally no, with the exception of category one to three. In the category description section (p. 8-12), in the CALL PDF, see “(Eligible to Enter…)” for who is eligible in each category, i.e. the Producer, Reporter, etc.  On some entries, videographers/editors serve in a producer capacity and can be included as co-producers (for the definition of producer, see Category Eligibility” on p. 6 in the CALL PDF). To see who is eligible, check the specific category you are entering. In the documentary categories, for example, the Emmy® goes to the producer. Videographers and Editors both have craft categories in which their work can be entered. If a contributor is not eligible for an Emmy® statuette and your entry wins, they may be eligible for a production certificate or plaque (p. 7).

10) Q: Is there any way to recognize the contributions of individuals or organizations who helped with my entry, but did not have a producer’s role?
A: Yes. There are certificates and plaques available for both nominated and winning Emmy® entries that can be purchased from the Chapter (see p. 7 in CALL PDF). Contact the Emmy® Awards Administrator after the event for more information.

11) Q: Is there a chance the entry fees could be reduced or lowered?
A: Members do receive a lower entry fee, but the Chicago/Midwest Chapter has not raised the entry fee for more than a decade. The entry fees have to cover the costs of the Emmy® statuettes, Emmy® nomination certificates, printing of Emmy® invitations, judging fees to sister-chapters for providing peer judging panels, the photocopied lists of entries and nominees at the Nomination Party, expenses for the Emmy® Express online software for entries and the entrant database, and keeping the Chapter up and running year long.

Additionally, most Chapters charge a per name fee for entries, so a typical news report entry with a producer and reporter, for example, requires that both pay a fee to enter. We have worked very hard scrutinizing cost-saving measures so we can keep charging only one fee per entry no matter how many names are included in an entry.

12) Q: Can Public Access programs enter the Emmy® Awards?
A: Yes.

13) Q: Do you allow extensions on the deadline?
A: No.

14) Q: What is the definition of a composite entry and how many lifts should I include?
A: Except where noted, a composite is defined as a sampling of a minimum of two and no more than five (5) representative segments or elements that convey to a judging panel the scope, breadth, or range of an individual’s talents or of coverage of a special event. The elements within a composite, unless otherwise noted, are to be “as aired” with no internal edits or post production work, such as music or special effects. Demo reels or montages are not allowed. One to two seconds of black between cuts, with no audio or slates must be added to separate segments within the composite. Unless otherwise noted, a straight lift from a long work may be included as an element of a composite, but there must be no editing of the lift. For program entries, composite may only contain content from one episode of the series, not multiple installments.

The selected segments chosen for your composite should be described in the field named “description” as part of the entry form online.

15) Q: How many people can be listed per entry?
A: For Categories 1 to 20, those who are most directly responsible for its production and whose position is eligible in that category (eligibility varies for each category), can be listed on an entry. In the category descriptions, see “(Eligible to Enter…)” for who is eligible in each category, i.e. the Producer, Reporter, etc. Please see p. 6 under “Category Eligibility” in the CALL PDF for more details and how entrants may be required to provide documentation if deemed necessary by the Emmy® Judging Committee. For the Craft Achievement Categories (Categories 21-28), see p. 6 under “Category Eligibility” for details in the CALL PDF. In most cases, however, for Categories 21-28, only one person should be listed.

16) Q: I can’t submit my entry online. I’m having trouble. Can I submit it off-line?
A: Look at the information available on the EMMY ENTRY RESOURCES – FAQS AND MORE page. Or please email the TV Academy office for assistance.

17) Q: When I log in I’m seeing someone else’s information. Why?
A: Click “CLEAR SESSION” link in the resource section on the left-hand side of Emmy Express. Close the browser. Open your browser again and you should be able to log in to your account.

18) Q: Why is it rejecting the date I put in?
A: Make sure you have dashes (-) between the numbers, not slashes (/)

19) Q: How do you enter additional entrant names when you are on the “Add Entrant Information” page in Emmy® Express? I have 3-4 more people I want to add and I only see fields for an “Entrant 1” and an “Entrant 2.”
A:  See the Add Entrant Information Help Page.

20) Q: Who is the “Submitter Contact” on the entry?
A: This is the person who is submitting entries (i.e. completing the online entry forms) on behalf of the station, company or entrant. This is the first person we will contact if we have any questions or require additional information regarding the entry. This person may or may not also be listed as an “entrant” as well.

21) Q: What if I make a mistake? Can I go back and edit my entry?
A: You may go back and edit your entry up until the deadline of 5 pm, Friday, June 14, 2019. To make updates/changes use the link e-mailed to you with your confirmation. After 5 pm 6/14/19 all changes need to be made by the administrator and may incur a processing charge (see p. 7 in the CALL PDF). NOTE: If you have submitted an entry in the wrong category, you will have to resubmit the entry entirely. Please contact the NATAS Chicago/Midwest office to delete the incorrect submission.

22) Q: What forms of payment are accepted by NATAS Chicago/Midwest?
A: Credit card is the preferred online method, but check, purchase orders, and money orders are also accepted. If you are paying with a purchase order, check, or money order, please paperclip your payment to your invoice or entry form when mailing it to the office.

23) Q: If I have more than one entry can I pay for them all at the same time?
A: Yes, when you get to the “View Invoice” step prior to paying for your entry, there will be an option to “Add Another Entry.” You can also come back to Emmy® Express at a later time to add additional entries. Just log in to your account and click on the “Add Entry” link on the left side of the page.