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Detailed Instructions for Entering Paperwork online

These instructions are for filling out the entry form online through the Emmy Express system only. REMEMBER: You must fill out the entry form online and have an entry ID number before you can upload your video online.  

Emmy® Express Entry Log In
*Log in using your member number or email address and your password. If you don’t know your member number or password, use the links at the bottom of the page to receive the password by email.  Please note that the Emmy® Express system does not always send an automatic email to AOL addresses. You can also call 312-369-8600 or email chicagoemmy@gmail.com the TV Academy office for more information.
*If you are not already in our database, you can become a member or simply sign up as a “registered user.” Links are provided. We encourage you to become a member online before you start the online entry process.  Once you join online, all entries in which you are will come up at the member price.  Non-member entries no longer include a year’s membership. If you enter as a non-member, all your entries will be at the non-member price.

Once logged-in, go to your dashboard to enter.

Emmy® Entry Info, Part 1
*Type in the entry title. Reminder: Don’t use quotes or all caps for your entry title.  This is the title that will appear on your statuette band if you win so think about it.
*Submitting organization is the name of the company actually handling the submission (might not be the station/cable company where the entry aired)
*Select submitting organization from drop-down or type it in.
*Select the category for the entry.

Emmy® Entry Info, Part 2
*Required Info: length, producing organization, air-date, and station first aired or URL.
*You must enter month, day and year for the air-date in this format: mm-dd-yyyy (sample: 02-11-2019). If you can’t remember the exact date, make your best guess.  For composites enter the earliest air-date of items included on entry.
*Entry Summary/Description/Précis is not required but suggested. The judges will see the entry description when they judge entries online.
*Submitter’s information will already be pre-filled. This is the person typing in the info and entering the piece on behalf of the station or company.  This person will not automatically be listed as an “Entrant.”   But if the submitter is an entrant on the entry, make sure the box at the bottom of the page is checked. The submitter’s info will then be auto-filled in the “Entrant 1” fields in the next step.
*If you are not an entrant on the entry, make sure you “un-check” the box at the bottom of the page.

Add Entrant Information
See our separate help page for this step in Emmy Express.

Entry Review
*Check the “Fee Summary” to confirm the correct entry rate has been assigned.
*Review the “Entry Information” to ensure it is correct.
*If you need to make a correction, use the “Go Back to Previous Page” Button.
*If you want to modify the order of the entrants, you can do so in the “entrants” box at the bottom of the page.  Just click and drag the entrants in the order preferred.

View Invoice
*Confirms a copy of the entry was emailed to submitter’s email address.
*NOTE: All entrants on the entry will receive an emailed copy of the entry.
*If you have additional entries to submit, click on “Add Another Entry.”
*If you’re done submitting entries, click on “Go to Next Step.”

Choose a Payment Option
*Select your payment option – either a single payment or multiple payments.
*Depending on the option you select you’ll be given additional payment options as indicated below.

Option 1:  Submit Single Payment
*Select this option to pay for all items on your invoice with a single payment.
*Select your payment method: credit card or check.
*Pay by “Credit Card” will take you to a secure payment page where you will enter your credit card information. Make sure your street address and zip code match what’s on file for the billing address for your credit card.
*Pay by “Check” will take you to a screen where you will enter the name on the check you will be sending for payment of the invoice.
*Once payment has been made, you will see a “Payment Summary” page.  You can print your entry form and a copy of the invoice from this page.

Summary and Printing Options
*You’ll end up on this page after you have paid for your entry/entries.
*Click on “Print Entry” to print out a copy of your completed entry form. This form is for your own records.  We also recommend including a copy of the entry form with your check or money order payment that you are sending by mail.
*Click on “Get Printable and Emailed Payment Instructions to Pay by Check” (if paying by check) to get info about where to send your check or to get an emailed reminder about paying for your entry.

Email Confirmation
All entrants listed on the entry, as well as the submitter even if he/she is not an entrant, will receive an email confirmation of the entry.


Have questions?  Need help?  Contact:  Rebekah Cowing, Emmy® Awards Administrator; Email: chicagoemmy@gmail.com / Phone: 312-369-8600