“Add Entrant Information” HELP page

Q:  Help!  I’m on the “Add Entrant Information” page for Emmy Express and I’m really confused!   I have 10 more people I want to add as entrants and I only see fields for an “Entrant 1” and an “Entrant 2.” What do I do?

A:  Before you start adding names, please note the rule that only a maximum of 12 (twelve) entrant names are allowed on each entry (see p. 3 in the CALL PDF).**   Add all eligible entrant names now.  After ten days, no additional names are allowed to added to an entry after nominations are announced. No exceptions!

Add a new entrant on this page by entering the person’s email address OR the person’s member number and last name. ONLY ENTER THIS INFO. RIGHT NOWDO NOT ENTER BOTH. Then click “Save Entrant Data” on the bottom of the page.  If the person is already in our database, their info will be auto-filled and added as a new entrant on the entry. 

If there is not a record in our database of that email, then the system will provide a link to create a system user record (free). The link is:


Click this link to create the account.  A new tab/window should come up to create the account. Then this form is quick to fill out. Only fill out the fields in RED.  If you are entering info. for another person, we recommend using “generate” to create a temporary password and for the security question, we recommend creating an answer that is obviously false.  Once the account is created, the real system user can use the “forgot password” link and change the password and security question to their preferred answers.

That individual does not need to reply to the automated email that is sent out in order for you to continue with the entry nor do they need to join the Academy.  

You can continue to fill out the entry form once the information for the free system account is entered.  Just go back to your original “add entrant” tab/window. Then, once you get back to the “ADD ENTRANT” page, if the person’s email is in the entrant email field, click “Save Entrant Data” again.  Their information should now be pre-filled in the Entrant fields.

You also MUST type in entrant’s “role in the entry.”  See the category descriptions in the CALL FOR ENTRIES on p. 8-12, see “(Eligible to Enter…)” for what roles are eligible in each category, i.e. the Producer, Reporter, etc. For example, do not list a director as an entrant in a News category where only Producers and Reporters are eligible.  Clicking the “Back Arrow” button on your browser to go to previous steps will cause issues. Please use the “previous step” button provided on the page to go back.

The fields for “Entrant 2,” “Entrant 3,” “Entrant 4,” etc. do not automatically appear on this page unless you click “Save Entrant Data” on the bottom of the page after you enter each Entrant’s information.  So the “Entrant 3” fields will not pop up until the “Entrant 2” fields are complete.  

The main thing to remember is to click the “SAVE ENTRANT DATA” button of the bottom of the page once each entrants information is filled out. 

Problems do arise when an individual has multiple accounts with the same email address. 

Even though the Emmy® Express system may indicate “Inactive – Non-member rates will apply unless renewed” for the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, etc. entrants, please ignore this. The next step will show you that the entry fee for the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, etc. entrants is $0 no matter what the entrant’s member status is.

The QUICK ADD feature allows you to auto-fill the additional entrant names and their information.  Please know we have many email addresses in our database, so unless you are completely new to this process, your other entrant names are probably already in the system.  So, please try the QUICK ADD feature.

Q: Which entrant has to be a member to receive the member price for the entry?

A: One of the entrants listed needs to be a member to receive the member price.  The member status of the other entrants does not determine the fee. Do not enter someone who is NOT eligible for the entry just because he/she is already a member. Please note that for an Executive Producer, Senior Producer or Supervising Producer to be eligible, that individual must have been involved in the creative effort, not merely the one who approved the creative enterprise. Extra Fees will be charged if major changes need to be made to an entry before the nominations party (see p. 7 in the CALL PDF). Even though the Emmy® Express system may indicate “Inactive – Non-member rates will apply unless renewed” for the other entrants, please ignore this. 

IMPORTANT NOTE: You must click “Save Entrant Data” to move to the next page. Once the information is saved a “Go to Next Page” Button will appear.

Please know that this page is tricky because the entry software was developed for all of the nineteen TV Academy chapters nationwide. Other chapters charge per name for entries (based on each entrant’s membership status), we only charge one flat fee per entry Our fee is just based only on the first entrant’s membership status. Here’s the good news – our fees are considerably lower than other chapters but this page may be confusing.

**To add any entrant name(s) beyond twelve will require written authorization from the primary responsible entrant detailing the additional job title and that person’s essential role in the production. Submit an email with this information to The Emmy Rules committee will then determine if these additional entrants can be added to the entry or not.