Clint Fillinger

Clinton J. Fillinger has been a photojournalist for 52 years.

Clint was born and raised in Marinette, Wisconsin.  After graduating high school, Clint came to Milwaukee and attended Layton School of Art, now known as MIAD, and received a degree in photography in 1965.

In August 1965, he was at Central Film Lab and was a stringer for Channel 4 TV.  In 1966, Clint started at Channel 18 as a photojournalist.  The fun really began February 1967 when Clint went to work at TV 6 where he stayed until he retired in November 2016.  Clint had a rich and intriguing career.  He loved every part of his career as a photojournalist.

He has covered all forms of news from fires, murders, conventions, trials, and tragedies. He has also interviewed every U.S. President from LBJ to George W. Bush. In addition, he has traveled almost around the world from Thailand, to Paris, and Three Mile Island for the nuclear meltdown.

Meeting new and different people every day was also a love of Clint’s.  He is fond of relaying his unique experience during his interview with Timothy Leary, a clinical psychologist who advocated for use of marijuana in the 1970’s. The entertainer Clint enjoyed meeting the most was Anthony Quinn.

Clint is married to Evonne.  He has three incredible children, Michelle, Jennifer, and Bryan.  Two terrific sons-in-law, Rick and Mark, and a soon-to-be daughter-in-law, Rachel.  He is also blessed with three adorable grandchildren, Ben, Clariese, and Sam.