Bob Lindmeier

Bob earned his B.S. Degree in Meteorology from the University of Wisconsin in Madison in 1979. He started his career in 1980 at Weather Central, a weather consulting firm based in Madison. While at Weather Central, Bob observed the debut of the first television graphics system based on a Apple 2C personal computer in 1980.

Over the years at Weather Central he would witness the rapid development of new generations of weather graphic systems developed at Weather Central that revolutionized the television broadcast industry. Eventually Bob became Vice President of Weather Central’s Broadcast Division. Weather Central also provided broadcast services to WKOW-TV in Madison. Through the 1980s he presented weathercasts in the mornings and weekends, and then became the Chief Meteorologist in 1989, a position he has held ever since. Bob is in his 40th year as a weathercaster at WKOW-TV.

He strongly believes in climate change education, and has used his position as a well known and respected member of the community to give well over 50 presentations to school, civic, and faith based groups. With the approval of WKOW-TV, Bob has frequently presented the science of climate change on-air during his weathercasts. He is a member of the American Meteorological Society’s Station Scientist Committee. This committee encourages broadcast meteorologists to speak out about climate change. He is a member of Citizen’s Climate Lobby, a non-profit and non-partisan organization focused on national policies to address climate change. Bob is married and has three children and three grandchildren.