What to Know Before You Enter

Before you start the 3 step process of entering and uploading your video, have ready the following information:

  • You need to know what you are entering. What represents your best work?
  • What Category to enter it to
  • Are you eligible for that category?
  • Title of Entry –Think about this. This will be the title engraved on your Emmy band if you win.
  • Submitting Organization
  • Length of entry: Hour/Minutes/Seconds – Does the length fit the category? 
  • Producing Organization
  • First Air Date (MM-DD-YYYY)
  • Station First Aired or URL if the material was distributed via internet
  • Entry Summary Description/Precis (no word limit).  If you are entering a composite, include a “shot-sheet” in this area of all the selected pieces included in your entry.
  • Know how many entrants you are going to list for the entry. Have the full list of names ready to enter online.  Imagine you win on Emmy night. Is there a key person that you did not list on the entry who is going to be upset that they were not listed? Is the correct company (or companies) listed?   Make sure everyone you list is eligible in the category you are entering. Did they participate in an eligible role (producer/reporter, etc.)? Each category lists who is eligible to enter in the beginning of the category description.
  • How are you going to pay for the entry? By credit card? By check or money order? If paying by credit card, have that information in hand. Know the account name that will appear on the check (if paying by check).

Once you have submitted your paperwork online, you need to upload your video. Go to the Video Upload Instruction page for more information on the upload process. Questions? Call 312-369-8600 or email chicagoemmy@gmail.com.